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The B.C. Mine Information website currently profiles 20 major mines across the province. Authorizations issued under the Environmental Assessment Act, Environmental Management Act and Mines Act, inspection records, and recent annual reclamation and annual dam safety inspection reports are available for all 20 mines.

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gold mine A rich, plentiful source of wealth or some other desirable thing, as in That business proved to be a gold mine, or She's a gold mine of information about the industry . [First half of 1800s]

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2013-07-05· July 5th, 2013 Cartridge Comparison Guide (2d Ed.) Is Gold Mine of Information. The updated Second Edition of the Cartridge Comparison Guide is now available.

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Fig. someone or something that is full of information. Grandfather is a gold mine of information about World War I. The new encyclopedia is a positive gold mine of useful information.

BC Mine Information

Government of British Columbia Energy and Mines Project System

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Placer mining is the technique by which gold that has accumulated in a placer deposit is extracted. Placer deposits are composed of relatively loose material that makes tunneling difficult, and so most means of extracting it involve the use of water or dredging.

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The library is a gold mine of information. the estate sale promises to be a gold mine for antique dealers

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Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually from an ore body, lode, vein, seam, reef or placer deposit.

British Columbia Mine Information - mines.nrs.gov.bc.ca

Legislation Learn about the key statutes and regulations that apply to mining activities in British Columbia. Authorizations Environmental assessment certificates and permits issued under the Mines Act and Environmental Management Act.

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Abandoned Mines (Abandoned Mines Information System-AMIS) contains all known abandoned and inactive mine sites and features. Data includes: information on mine site names, alias names, geographic township, site status, primary commodity, jurisdiction, mine features, hazard status, class and type, access and geospatial information

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Mine | Define Mine at Dictionary. to place explosive mines in position below the surface of (the sea or land), Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition

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GEoREsEARCH, INC A GOLD MINE OF INFORMATION: Independence Mining Company Chooses GeoLink For GPS/GIS Mapping When Independence Mining …


GEoREsEARCH, INC A GOLD MINE OF INFORMATION: Independence Mining Company Chooses GeoLink For GPS/GIS Mapping When Independence Mining Company (IMC) of Nevada, one of the largest gold

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Mining news and commentary from around the globe. Daily updates on gold and commodity prices, exploration, mine development and mining company activities.

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Applications: The processing of crushed material, collected gravel, and refined sand, etc.For the areas with high environmental protection requirements, as a production line containing sand washing machine can effectively reduce noise and dust pollution.

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InfoMine provides comprehensive information on mining, the mining industry, mining technology and mineral exploration. InfoMine categories include mining news, mining jobs, mining equipment, mineral commodities, and professional development

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Search 1000's of active mining jobs including engineering and geology jobs. New jobs daily. Job seekers post your resume for employers to find.

Tulsequah Mine Information - Province of British Columbia

UBC Okanagan + DI = Gold Mine of Information . Digital Initiatives is at it again with UBC Okanagan Library, to provide you with new historical resources from the resource industry!

British Columbia Mine Information

About BC Mine Information. The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (EMPR), Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (ENV) and Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) have collaborated to make information on the Province's oversight of major mines in British Columbia more accessible than ever before.

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[strike gold] {v. phr.} 1. To find gold. * /Ted struck gold near an abandoned mine in California./ 2. To find suddenly the answer to an old puzzle.

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